Monday, January 19, 2009



Anonymous said...

I'm not a sports guy, I'm not a fan, but for whatever reason I knew I wanted to watch at least part of the game, and I have to say FUCKING AWESOME!

Oly said...

Ahem... I admittedly did not attend the blogger meetup yesterday because of this said posting. I bleed football.
The Steelers have always been a pack of meanies, but they completely RULE. Did you see that hit on that poor Raven? My god, and then they went after another one just as hard after the dude was almost paralyzed and in a neck brace!!!!!
It would have been Central Florida sacrilige of me to miss either conference's championship game.
I just cannot understand why so many art people are so anti-sports, but can I just say this-- McNabb, I wanna give him the world's biggest hug, make him a bowl of Chunky soup, and tell him, "It's gonna be okay, Donovan. It's gonna be okay."
This might be the year of the grocery shelf boy again, though, so I wouldn't coronate Pitty and its favorite Polynesian boy just yet.

Heart As Arena said...

Ha! Go, Oly. I don't bleed football, but I do bleed black and gold. And it's great to see them doing great with a coach who's a really cool guy as opposed to Cowher who was an ass. And that hit was absolutely INSANE. And really scary.

And I'm not coronating anybody. I know better. The Steelers are far from perfect, and there's way too many things that could go wrong. They're gonna have to be on top of it.

And McNabb. Yeah. He's almost enough to make me like the Eagles. But yet, not.

Avi said...

That reminds me: best TV ad from 2008 (it's a shame it wasn't shown at the Superbowl), actually tells a story featuring Polamalu and LT.

Bonus points if you recognized the theme music.


Heart As Arena said...

Escribe! Escribe!

Heart As Arena said...

And I said that because I think you might have linked to the wrong YouTube vid, Aviman. Nevertheless worth watching. Venezuela!

Avi said...

Oooops! And... damn! Someone had sent me that link this morning, and I still had the window open for some reason, and so I copy and pasted... anyways, that link was for one of the Venezuelan TV channels declaring Hugo Chavez president on December of 1998. He was elected for 5 years. In 1998. For 5 years.

Yeah, I know.

The real link I wanted to give was to this TV ad.

Profuse apologies.