Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Throne of Drone.

Finally picked up Zaimph's gorgeous tension-filled 7", Bird Of Prey / Inclination the other week. I became enamored of this Marcia Bassett solo project when Hospital released the full-length CD, Sexual Infinity back in 2006. Rough and daring drones were plentiful and I was hooked from the gitgo. The A side of the 7", Bird Of Prey, reminds me of some of the grinding lines from LaMonte Young's Der Zweck Dieser Serie Is Nicht Unterhaltung, but Bassett isn't afraid to put a beautiful liquid guitar on top of it all. The B Side, Inclination, finds things getting a little more abrasive, both on the bottom and the top. Guitar feedback smothers a sandpaper drone into oblivion. Mighty, this one.

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