Saturday, June 20, 2009

Adding An "O".

It's so nice to be talking about the space between an "M" and an "O", and to not be talking about kerning. Here are two pics of Lawrence Weiner's At The Same Moment in the process of being made for Creative Time's Governor's Island project, This World & Nearer Ones. This piece is in the GI Ferry dock on the Manhattan side. The first pic, taken at about 10:15 AM on the ferry out, and the second at about 12:40 PM on the return trip. In between the "M" and and the "O" was a visit to the island filled with magic and surprise courtesy of the ever-amazing Creative Time, and quite specifically the curatorial care and respect given to this space by Mark Beasley. More later, of course, but in the meantime enjoy the space between.

Note that This World & Nearer Ones opens NEXT weekend.

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