Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Dying Bride.

It's fun to step out of my own personal art comfort zone every once in awhile. For that reason I was kind of happy that I didn't make it to Hell's Kitchen last night in time for the latest EXIT Art opening. That way, I had more time to check out Flesh to Canvas at Last Rites Gallery. Tatoo artists move onto the canvas. The kick for me was the affinity so much of the work had with Heavy Metal album covers and Sci-Fi. And it was cool to see two of the artists creating an original on the spot. And kids, totally trippy environs. A truly alternative universe far west on 33rd Street. Rare, really, that anyone would go to this length to create such a space. Click here to see the main rooms. Absolute immersion in the world of Paul Booth. A dark thing, that. I listened to My Dying Bride's towering classic, Turn Loose The Swans all the way home. Righteous.

Plus, I still can't believe I got to see the original art for Pig Destroyer's Prowler in the Yard , and that I took such a bad picture of it.

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