Monday, June 08, 2009

Don't Call Me Bruce.

Call me The Bag Of Shit That'll Be Lighting And Leaving Itself On Your Your Doorstep. So . . . BIG SHOCKER!!! The new Nets Arena design looks like my high school gym when it was built in, like, 1960. Bruce Ratner has gone and pulled a predictable post-Gehry low-budget move, and he gets the beatdown he deserves by Nicolai Ourousoff* in the Times today. Remember when the Brooklyn Museum was all on their knees for this tasteless cad last year? This is what they were celebrating. Awesome. These people don't need encouragement. They need the word "No." shoved at them until they and their lawyers are bankrupt (On the money front, that is. Already got the idea front covered.).

*Ourousoff isn't completely innocent himself, having supported this yahoo project when Gehry was involved. To have even an ounce of trust that Ratner--the guy who built the worst piece of architecture in the entire city, The Atlantic Mall--would do this right scores you a lot of points on the naive dreamer scale. Ourousoff even says, "I suppose we should have seen this coming." Yeah. No shit, Sherlock.

PS: Bonus points going out to any of you who caught the reference in the title of this post to the funniest song Rick Springfield ever wrote.

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