Thursday, June 04, 2009


Came across an old copy of Music from the Empty Quarter while I was moving some boxes the other day. Browsing through it I came across a review of Randy Grief's The Barnacles Inside, so of course I had to get it out to give it it's 1000th spin. Man. Such a good record. This is sound art at its very best. Overwhelming waves of loops scrape off whatever might be attached to the hull of your ship. The ever-underrated Grief has a subtle hand that knows when to pull the back the current and when to let the listener in on a swell that's going down a 1000 miles away. The distance leads the listener home, clinging.

Also, a high recommendation for Grief's hard-to-find-but-worth-it Alice in Wonderland series. Carroll's work gets the acid bath it deserves across five CDs worth of spoken word floating above Grief's bed of sonic memories.

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