Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Predict.

Not to go all Crystal Ball on you but sometimes it's just really easy. I predict, like Criswell, that the next few days will utterly RULE! Here's why.

Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe will be up at Gray-Kapernekas on Friday. I'll be going to a preview Thursday night. To be honest, I'm not that familiar with Gilbert-Rolfe's work, but I am very familiar with the flawless taste of Alexander Gray and Venetia Kapernekas. They've been open for a year now, and they've knocked me on my keister with every show. I was happy to see that their dedication to midcareer artists garnered them a mention in Holland Carter's recent article in the Times. That dedication makes what they're doing important, but the quality of the art they're showing is what makes them essential.

Friday is Cinco de Mayo. Monica will lead the way. Bottles and hearts will be broken.

Saturday brings two bits of predictable goodness. First, I'm traveling to Philly to see Zoe Strauss' I-95 show earlier in the day. (See Strauss' blog for directions and more photos.) Once a year Strauss exhibits 250 photographs underneath I-95 for two hours. In my book, this officially qualifies her for some kind of mad genius award. I smell MacArthur.

Saturday evening and Amtrak will bring me back to the city for the Creative Time event, Doug Aitken's Broken Screen Happening. This looks to be massive. Broken illumination. What more can a boy ask for? You know me. I love the sound of breaking glass.

Note: Sad to report that there's no more rsvp'ing for the Aitken shindig. The event is apparently booked beyond bookdom.


Mark Barry said...

Your amazing! And a real G+K suck-up, but I respect that. My best to the Philly gurls.

Heart As Arena said...

HaHa. Hey, man. What can I do if they keep slayin' me. Which they did again tonight. The show is stunning. And there you have it.

I'll deliver the greetings. It should be one furious afternoon of looking.