Monday, September 04, 2006

Ain't That Close To Love?

When I went to see a friend dance in the NY Burlesque Festival on Friday night I didn't expect to find the most wickedly acute and cathartic bit of political performance art I'd experienced in a long time, but there it was in the form of one Bunny Love. There it was. There she was. There we were. America, in all our consumptive angry anti-glory. Budweiser, McDonald's, thirteen stripes, fifty stars, an appropriately placed Bush mask, and lots of exposure.

Bunny Love's use of David Bowie's Young Americans was the best harnessing of the song since it was the postscript to Lars von Trier's Dogville, and it was similar in it's caustic viewpoint. She captured all the anger and sadness in the song and--like von Trier--turned the amps up to 11 on both of those qualities. I spent the entire performance not knowing whether to laugh or cry, and probably did a little bit of both. And no, I'm not going to describe exactly what she did. There are about 18 government agencies that would be all over it. Let's just say that I've learned all kinds of new ways to unfurl my flag.

Bunny Love is the new American Hero. Her heart's been broken just like you have.


Mark Barry said...

And she appears to be all natural, even better.

Jannese (crafty_love) said...

she's amazing! I have a mad crush on this beautiful, intelligent, funny woman. Who wouldn't?!