Thursday, September 21, 2006

Nothing Special

Nothing special. I mean that in a good way . . . in an Andy way. Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film by Ric Burns, the underrated brother of the overrated Ken Burns, premiered tonight on PBS. It made me reach back to the photos I took at The Warhol in June.

Money quote from the Times today:
“As he worked on the film, Mr. Burns said, he became a fan of Warhol’s art, particularly his shadow and oxidation paintings. 'Every time I thought I was getting tired of Andy, I would go back and look at the art.'"

"Yeah," I thought. This is going to be ok. And it was. Dave Hickey was in the house reminding me that while most critics explain art, he's one of the few who actually gives a sense of it. And that opening with the chords from The Velvets drifting and driving underneath Laurie Anderson's voice. Oh, my. I mean, that's just love. Uphill we travelled from there.


James Wolanin said...

I thought Ric Burns did a great job. I'm looking forward to seeing part II tonight.

Heart As Arena said...

Could not agree more with you. I wish Burns had a third night to spread out such a complex and important story, but that's ok. I'm just thrilled that somebody's done it and done it so well.

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