Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Love Train.

Angela Dufresne at The Hammer

I have a new post up on Fallon & Rosof's Artblog. Much to my dismay I didn't make it down to Philly at all this summer, but the Philly art scene came to visit me no matter where I went.

On a related note, Roberta did an excellent feature on the city for the September issue of Art News. Go buy it now. It kicks ass, as does Philly. Don't be slow. Get. On. The. Train.


James Wolanin said...

Philly is a great city! In the early 90's, the art seen there was really booming, but in the last few years, it seems to have cooled down a bit. Hopefully it's making a come back.

Heart As Arena said...

I highly recommend that Art News article, James. It captures the atmosphere there, and it gives a pretty good idea where to focus your attention if you visit. It's far beyond a comeback issue (or even an evergone sitch to tell you the truth). It's pretty much on fire, and art lovers who ignore it will do so at their peril. Seriously, man. If people are constantly willing to spend another miserable afternoon in Williamsburg or Chelsea they should be perfectly willing to hop on the train for a thrilling day in Philly. And I know that Amtrak is expensive, but the bus is also an option as is the NJ Transit-SEPTA connection which is, like, 30 bucks round trip.

roberta said...

Hey Brent, thanks for the sweet words on the Art Review article! Big kiss. I only wish I could have written longer--what can you say in 1,000 words ---and who gets left out?!!! Anyway, James, You should come over and check Philly out again. I've been covering the scene closely since 1999 so I can't really speak to the early 90s but it's by far hotter now than it was in 1999 and it's been a pretty steady upswing over that time. Galleries come and go of course but young artists are staying, and many are moving here from other parts of the country. We are a mini-Mecca today! And we are hopeful the energy and talent will just keep on coming.

ZS said...

Philadelphia is the greatest city in the entire world.

Brent, you are welcome to come and stay anytime.