Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Beat On The Brat

Yeah. There's a couple million more art openings Thursday night, but if you actually want to have fun you should head down to Spinart at Loreley afterwards. Painter Adam Hurwitz curates this series of artists deejaying. Last time Nicole Eisenman jammed on the electro tip. Tonight Erik Parker brings the angled hammer of Krautrock and Prog. Stretch yer heads. Kick out the Xhol, motherfuckers. Live.


sloth said...

Hi, Hearts! Will you be doing the Bratwurst Dance tonight? I've heard that Erik Parker is skilled with the angled hammer... DJ MrSloth is bringing his maul. I'm sure to be a bent little nail tomorrow.

Heart As Arena said...

I'm only going to be able to stop by for a pint, but I will be stopping by nevertheless. I mean, it's Krautrock at a brathouse. How could I not. I'm only sorry I'm not gonna be able to stay for Dekker's reliably slammin' set. :(