Sunday, November 26, 2006


For my 200th post it's somehow appropriate to be bringing you one of my first art loves, Maya Lin's Peace Chapel at Juniata College in my hometown of Huntingdon, PA. This was the project that Lin worked on immediately after she did the Vietnam War Memorial.

Carving a simple circle into the top of a hill, Lin creates a state of grace in the viewer by utilizing the immediate and the distant landscape. This is a work that never fails me. It's never the same thing twice; changing with the weather, the time of day, and the season. It's like a great painting that transforms every time you see it, while never lessening its impact. This time around the stark colors of late fall were muted warmly by the fog and drizzle. Happy Thanksgiving to me.

On top of the hill in the distance is a single stone for private mediation. More perfection.

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Anonymous said...

Maya Lin's got it goin' on. She knows. Thank you for sharing and congratulations, Mr. 200th Post.