Monday, November 20, 2006

Under Heavy Manners.

It was great to walk through the NY Art Book Fair on Sunday and see so many affordable lovely things, but the freshest of them all were to be found at the Heavy Tapes table. Art books are great, but cassettes made with this much love and care? Mmmmm. Rest your head on my heart and hum.

It got even better when I got the little analogue wonders home and pressed play. Jessica Rylan's amazing experiments with the mighty Serge synth sound like an unstable womb. This is the one that's made me want to find an old Walkman on ebay. I also picked up the luscious 2 cassette set from the Religious Knives, a project by label heads Maya Miller and Mike Bernstein. It feels like an alternative universe where time thinks it likes you but it's still making up its mind. Sick Llama's Alien Facial contains itchy drones for scaring the kids at night.

Maya Miller's acid-drenched (The kind you find in car batteries . . . not tabs.) artwork wraps the sound works in the blanket they deserve, creating a whole package that delivers on all fronts. Simply irresistible. There's no tellin' where the money went. I can tell you that it's not in my pocket anymore.

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