Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Splitsville Wonderland.

Alexander Gray opened his new gallery in October and now his website is up and running. You might remember my practically worshipful reviews of the shows that he and his former partner Venetia Kapernekas' put up at their gallery, Gray Kapernekas. I would say that the gallery is much missed, but in this case it's been more like a stock split, rendering mourning unnecessary. Gray and Kapernekas have decided to go in their own directions (And it should be said that they've done so amicably.). They both win, but more importantly . . . I do.

Gray's first show is a delicious stunner, J. Morgan Puett's Wholesale: To The Trade Only 1985-1997, running through November 2. Kapernekas' first show opens tonight with LA-based artist, Meg Cranston.

I'll be saying more about both shows in the near future. Stay tuned.

This just in. I just got home from the Meg Cranston opening. Killer show. Like I said, everybody wins. Especially me. Good art all around.

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