Friday, February 29, 2008


I always love when an artist takes a turn well, and Andrea Champlin seems to be doing just that. I've been digging Champlin's paintings for a number of years, and had gotten used to her style. The other day though, I came across this new painting (above) on her blog. She's shifting and adding to what was already a pretty killah repertoire. It reminded me that she had posted another shift signifier (below) a couple months ago. What's next for Champlin? Who knows. I just enjoy being in the car while she's hugging the corners so gracefully without even thinking about careening into that ditch. Put the pedal down.

Old school . . . Snowgasm from her 2004 show at Michael Steinberg.


Romadant said...

I admit that I don't know much about art but after randomly landing on your blog I was captivated by these :) I want to learn so I'll keep coming back to see what else I discover!!!

sloth said...

Hi Hearts, thanks for the props!! Funny, I have been doing a lot of driving lately... also, am working on a "part 2" to that last little painting, & will keep you posted. xo

JD said...

So shiny, so beautiful, so weird. Nice post, fab paintings!!

Glam said...

Hi BB! Hi Slothy!

Double stuff loves to both of you.

Very, very VERY much liking the new work. Perhaps I'll even replace the faded, color photocopied piece I have up in my workpen.

Very heart-y, love provoke-y.

Heart As Arena said...

Hey, y'all. Yep. This is all kinds of slammin'.

PD said...

WOW, I mean, WOW. Lookin real good, Sloths.