Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wonder Alert. (Updated)

Image totally swiped from White's blog.

Via her blog I just found out that Wendy White is doing a set of prints (ed. 35) with Flying Horse Editions to be published by Stuart Horodner. Um. Holy shit. Remember when she had me muttering profanities to myself in the middle of her last NYC show? Remember when she made my Top 10 list two years ago, and I declared Mary Boone lazy for not picking her up (That's OK. Leo Koenig did.)? There are a handful painters that make me this giddy when I see their work. I've got a good feeling about this. I'm betting that you will too. Do investigate.

UPDATE: White just posted more process pics.


Ryan Burkhart said...

the print turned out great too! look for it to make an appearance very soon. Wendy IS the bomb.

Heart As Arena said...

Ooh, excellent. Very exciting. Yes. Wendy White is a world of awesome.