Monday, February 04, 2008

Tom Mix.

It's no secret to y'all that I'm a total tapehead. The intimacy of the object is one of the things that I love most about cassettes. My understanding of that intimacy came from making 100s of mixtapes over the years for friends, lovers, and exceptional family members (I know. SUCH a snob.). That understanding also comes from the "handmade" nature of the things. Even at it's least decorated, the mixtape is something that involves the maker's hands. The mixtape is something made, not burned. Record. Pause. Cue. Record. Pause. Cue. Time. On and on. Add to the music the touch of decoration and design that some choose to distinguish their final product from others, and you've got an object I can very much live with.

So . . . it's more than appropriate that a museum with intimacy at its core (And a truly unique photo policy!), The Tom Museum, is having a Mixtape show. And in a very Tom move, we're all invited to participate. Shake off your reels and get recording, kids. Live the loop, baby.

Hat tip to oranje for the pointing of the out.

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