Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Heart Ellis G.

Here's a way to bankroll your art that nobody's thought of over at Deborah Fisher's wonderful Sellout . . . SUE THE CITY'S ASS OFF! Go, Ellis G. Five million bucks might be enough to teach the city not to bust this outline chalker and, um, 6 year olds.

Ellis G. lives somewhere in my neighborhood, and finally won me over about a year ago when I came across this big heart, a rare departure from his shadow outlines. Gotta admit: the dude's got woo. I was really a goner though when, over the summer, a young guy down the block died and amidst the candles and flowers in the sidewalk shrine was a sweet message from Ellis in that familiar, comforting chalk style.

Some people might wonder whether or not this is art. I'm not one of them. And yeah. It might be one note, but let's be honest. It's one hell of a note. All I know is that what was once a whimsical gimmick now feels like a thread. Go Ellis G.

I love this photo from the 2005 Times article.

Here's the current_ documentary.
Here's his Myspace page.

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