Monday, October 16, 2006

Free Love.

Mark Cuban was on C-SPAN last week talking about how print and web media can work hand-in-hand. Turns out that ArtReview is smart enough to agree with him. You can get the entire publication online for free starting today. If you're like me and Mark Cuban you'll check out the issue online and then dig deeper after buying the print version. Giving away information open things up, not the opposite.

The first issue available is the Power issue. These things always make me a little itchy, mostly because of the definition of power. However, I'd be a lying sack of doo if I didn't say that I also find them entertaining and angularly informative.

Quick review of the list . . .

Cool: Robert Storr (13, up from 73 making it even cooler.), Marian Goodman (15), Thelma Golden (25), Zach Feuer (75, Hell yeah. I went off last year because it was so idiotic that he wasn't on the list. Nice to see that that's changed, but higher would have been more accurate.)

Cool, but backwards: Roberta Smith (55), Jerry Saltz (57). Love 'em both, but is Smith higher because she has a larger readership? This gets to the crux of what makes me itchy about Power lists. It seems that Saltz forces me into a new revelation almost everytime I read something by him. I like Smith's criticism, but I never feel the same possibility with her writing. And to be quite frank, he's the more trusted and influential of the two. Bump the boy.

Makes my head hurt: Damien Hirst (11)


Anonymous said...

i saw this list, was horrified that there was only one woman artist on it, tracey emin.

Heart As Arena said...

OMG, you're right. Maybe they need to redesign more than their magazine. Truly amazing. And yet sadly, not.

Anonymous said...

I'm behind in your reading your posts but it's good to see that ArtReview is willing to explore new content distribution models.

Heart As Arena said...

Yah, Krix. You're on it. Smart move on their part.