Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Open Secret.

There are two galleries in Williamsburg that almost never let me down. One of them is the time-tested Pierogi. The other, Outrageous Look, is a newer gallery that doesn't seem to know the meaning of failure. Their confidence in beauty is a clear voice ringing out in the chasing forest.

Outrageous Look's latest bit of wonder, a show by Ruijun Shun, is another blow against the empire of all things predictable. Shun's paintings and drawings are exquisite, their sun shining through unexpected windows. The brush on silk pieces are mounted on metal box frames that deliver the paintings to the viewer just ahead of their own light. Other paintings present a balanced internal tension between the flat sections of the paintings that register color and the raised white forms with which they share the canvas. A floating world of oil and ink on mylar holds it's own beauty while transforming the room and the pieces around it.

This show--like so many of the shows at Outrageous Look--reveals art's open secret: beauty matters and when it's engaged this directly and successfully it's quite comfortable kicking your ass.

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