Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bad Press.

Art Review garnered a lot of deserved attention in the blogosphere with the news of their first online issue which happened to be The Power 100 edition. Attention in the blogosphere can be a bad thing if you fuck up though (Remember the Finch Fry?). And I have to say that Art Review really fucked up. They had made me very happy the month before with their excellent and timely focus on Philly, and then . . . well . . . then came the list. Read the comments section from my earlier post on it. Better yet, read this money response at the Corn Palace today.

And again I gotta say . . . Tracy Emin? How many ways can I say "HUH?" (And hell, I'm a fan.)

Oh. And my vote for the woman most missing from the Power 100 list? Andrea Bowers. Her show at Redcat in LA was easily the most powerful show I saw by a female artist all year, and it signified even greater things to come. Utterly devastating.

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