Thursday, October 12, 2006

Frieze Out, part 2.

First of all, I don't want to go any further without thanking Cesar Llacuna for his invaluable help with this series of posts. Thank you, Cesar! You are the Print King.

And now back to the land of prints and honey.

Graphicstudio U.S.F.

George Baselitz and Robert Creeley
Signs, 1996
Book of ten prints in drypoint and aquatint

Alex Katz
Kate, 2006

Carolina Nitsch Contemporary Art

Inka Essenhigh
Devil on the Highway, 2001
Etching with aquatint

Jenny Holzer
Use What is Dominant (From the Survival Series),
Silkscreen on brushed aluminum

Susan Inglett / I.C. Editions

Paul Noble
A; Paul’s Place, 2002
Etching on 300 gm. Somerset Textured White Mouldmade

Jessica Stockholder
With your Salad, 2005
Plastic igloo cooler (red), brushed aluminum wall sconce, extension cord, polyester resin, fabric

Sims Reed

Howard Hodgkin
Night Palm, 1990
Etching with handcolouring and carborandum

Bridget Riley
Chicago Seven, 1971

Paul Stolper

Roger Kelly
Division, 2003

Peter Saville
Working Title, 2004
Screenprint on whiteboard

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