Saturday, October 14, 2006

Frieze Out, part 3.

Here are some not-for-profits I love that offer prints and editions.

My affection for Creative Time is well documented here and on the blog I write for them. The Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia with their focus on fabric--and the wide scope of activity that encompasses-- has one of the most interesting programs of any n-f-p arts org I know. RxArt. I've been meaning to say something here about them for awhile now. Their mission, quite simply, is to "make it better" by placing art in hospitals. One recent project has Ryan McGinness decorating the NYU Child Study Center. Upcoming for RxArt is a fund-raiser, a coloring book, featuring work by everybody from Sol LeWitt to Grace Hartigan to Assume Vivid Astro Focus. And last but not least is the god-like entity that is Printed Matter. They rule.

Creative Time

Jim Hodges
Untitled (for Creative Time), 2006
19-color screenprint

Zhang Huan
Untitled 2004

The Fabric Workshop and Museum

William Wegman
Forest, 1999-2000
Scarf of 100% silk twill

Kiki Smith in collaboration with
The Fabric Workshop and Museum
Singing Siren, 2003
Cast plastic, motion sensor, sound device, audio


Martabel Wasserman
Untitled (Man and Pond Collage), 2002
Color light jet print

The Coloring Book Project, November 2006


John Wesley

Printed Matter

Vik Muniz
Mounds, 2005

John Baldessari
Blue Masterstroke Over Red Diagram and Two Cowboys, 1989


Susan Constanse said...

Great series of posts. Thanks so much.

Heart As Arena said...

Thanks, Susan.