Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Well-Lit Space.

Have they become so comfortable in their new building that the Times staff just sit around all day smoking weed or something? First this. And now this: a story about a recently-surfaced Warhol was buried in the NY/Region section today. Damn, man. I would love to get in on the vending machine action over there. Those puppies must be empty by the end of every work day. Pass the kouchie*, Mo.

But seriously. I just wanted to bring attention to that article in case you missed it. I'm among the minority of Warhol fans who actually like the dollar sign series.

*All respects to Sibbles and Mittoo.


Anonymous said...

Yahoo News has been pretty amazing recently too; an article about a girl switching blood types after a liver transplant, a discovery of a strange mammal immune to pain, and a report on how scientists are thisclose to creating a living being from 100% synthetic cells all in the last week.

Are they hiring? I read a lot of sci-fi and can make up way better shit than that.

Heart As Arena said...

Nico on fire.