Monday, May 11, 2009


Photo from the NY Times

From the Times digi lead-in to an article about landlords with empty storefronts renting the facade as advertising space . . . "Rather than let abandoned retail spaces look like pockets of poverty, landlords are renting the windows out to marketers for street-level advertising displays." Pockets of poverty? I think we're talkin' about the whole pair of pants here, brothers and sisters. For the record, I'm totally willing to give the Times residuals if they let me name my new band, "Pick and The Pockets of Poverty".

Now would be a good time for you to read Hrag Vartanian's interview with EnjoyBanking over at the Huffington Post. Enjoy!

Photo from the EnjoyBanking flickr site

UPDATE: Oh, look. Seems like those storefront ads might be all crimey and shit, according to Steve Lambert of The Anti-Advertising Agency. Calling all Posterboys!!! Get out a-dem razors.

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