Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Time Passages.

Waiter Singers! “Modern Times”- Chaplin, 2009, from Monya Rowe

Man. Do I ever love Angela Dufresne's work and this month brings a double shot of her wonder onto the walls of Chelsea. Modern Times 1 opened at Monya Rowe on Saturday night, and Modern Times 2 will open Thursday night at CRG. Oh, hell yeah.

Time is beauty, not money. And Dufresne's way of capturing the time behind the time and the place inside the place never fails to move me. My first contact with her work was all imaginary architecture and landscapes, but since then I've seen more work with personalities and narratives. All that time crashing behind and through the characters is something to behold. Hyperreal, actually. That's what it is. The color brings me in, but it's the movement that always makes me sway.


Anonymous said...

Awesome -- last I saw her work it was mostly really green. Good to see her breaking out into red. :)

The 'old film' associations brought out in the article on one of the website links -- don't recall which -- was most definitely illuminating, but imho doesn't get to the heart of what's going on with this 'old film' link she's been at for a long time - also doesn't mention the punk rock link that came out in a presentation she gave last year at FAWC -- or maybe it was just me who got that from her presentation --

Regardless, she's damned skilled and I almost don't care about the movie association at all. Considering how loose her handling is, I'd rather not even know it, frankly. The "Dead Munch Screamer" in this painting, the glittering archway in this one and other features of these paintings are compelling enough without them.

For me these movies, her friends, various punk rockers etc are just launching points. They get her started. From that point on all I see is the artist's work.

Heart As Arena said...

"From that point on all I see is the artist's work."

So great, Bill. Moi toi.