Saturday, May 16, 2009

No Fun Fest 2009. H1Night1.

Noveller: Do you know what it's like to be 17 and riding shotgun with a forest ranger on fire trails in the woods? I do. And it was kind of like this. Beauty moving past you, soft branches slapping at you through the jeep's canvas windows. Just when you think you're getting close to one of the secondary roads you look over and see a buck at full stride, and you don't care where you are, lost in the green. Noveller made me cry at the past and the present. Whew! What a way to start things off.

Raglani: Balls-meet-tonsils drones morphed into throbbing pulsations into pulsating throbs, back into the aforementioned drones, and then into some kind of primordial swamp ooze. Fab.

Axolotl: Did they play? Every year there seems to be somebody I blank on. Or maybe they didn't play. Hmm. Another No Fun mystery. (UPDATE: Not crazy. Just saw on one of the message boards that they didn't play.)

Chris Corsano: Now that's how to abuse a drum kit. Seriously. Feedback from a high-hat. Powerful, absorbing stuff. Embrace the accident, and surround it with purpose.

Carlos Giffoni: Oh, man. Every year I search for words to describe the quality here. Every year I fail. Giffoni was on the analogue synth trip again, and it was glorious. Made me think of what it must have been like to see Klaus Schulze early in his career when he was blowing out circuits. Oh, the pleasure of feeling the wheels on the road. Giffoni's able to take his audience with him no matter the trail or terrain. As usual, one of the most thrilling performances of the festival. Over the years the only thing that's become predictable about Carlos Giffoni's performance is how much I'll love it. Word.

Xeno and Oaklander: It's so cold inside the icehouse. Really captivating set from this gothtech duo. Would have fit perfectly on Hypnobeat, the sublabel of Germany's Hyperium Records in the mid-90's, but it all felt absolutely right today, er, last night. Was great to see Greh Holger on the side of the stage pumping his fist to this. All ears open! Good is good.

The Grey Wolves: Religion. State. Bang. Bang. "This is not your country. Never was. Never will be." And then, to end with a deconstruction of Peaches. Not an easy thing to do given that Peaches is already a deconstruction of sorts. Oh, and dude. Totally didn't need to see your dick. Or, did I see your dick? I'm not sure. I better understand Morrison's Miami moment now. Let's just leave it at that.

Thrones: The weeping and churning sea, all in a bass guitar.

Bastard Noise: Every year, I miss a legendary performance. I'm just going to assume that this was one of them and hold an L up to my forehead.

No Fun Fest 2009, Night 2.

No Fun Fest 2009, Night 3.

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