Saturday, May 30, 2009

For Those About To Rock.

Rosanna Bruno

We salute you so much we believe we're turning into Angus Young. Two of my absolute faves are opening at John Davis Gallery in Hudson on Saturday. Rosanna Bruno and EJ Hauser! I liked them so much I put them in Unbreak My Heart. That was last year. Time has passed. They've gotten even better. Trust me on this. Two Coats of Paint mentions that Louise Fishman thinks that Rosanna Bruno is one of the best abstract painters out there right now. There's a reason for that. She is. So, here's what I think of Rosanna. And here's what I think of EJ Hauser (Let's put it this way. Her paintings made me cry the first time I saw them. Win!) And YO YO YO. Speaking of TCoP, Sharon Butler, whose supremely delicious work I got to devour when they were in this show group show at Denise Bibro, is ALSO in this show. Kick much ass, John Davis Gallery? Methinks you must. Also rocking out: Mary Ellen Scherl and Molly Herman.

EJ Hauser

Sharon Butler

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Oly said...

All favorite girl crushes of mine.
Great stuff.
Here's my all-time girl crush.
And yes, I posted an entry again.
Doesn't mean I'm restarting it, more just completing the cycle.