Monday, May 11, 2009

Lips Sink.

Here're some shots of Marilyn Minter's, Green Pink Caviar, her contribution to Chewing Color the latest round of Creative Time's 44 1/2 series on MTV's big screen in Times Square. Minter curated this time around, including videos by Patty Chang and HAA fave Kate Gilmore. On the weekends they play all three back-to-back at 12pm and 3pm. I went today. It ruled. No surprise that I loved the Minter and Gilmore pieces, but Patty Chang came through as well. Wasn't sold at first, but by the half way mark I was all in. More to come.

Also . . . Click here for my pics of Patty Chang's third of the project, Fan Dance.


scott said...

are these videos still up?

Heart As Arena said...

Yep. Up through May 31.