Monday, April 21, 2008


Tamara Kostianovsky's first NYC solo show, Actus Reus opened at Black & White Gallery (Chelsea) on Thursday night. I'd only seen pieces here and there in group shows, so it was a revelation to see an entire gallery filled with her constructions. Using thrown away clothes--and what looks to be a labor-intensive process-- Kostianovsky has fashioned a roomful of slaughterhouse blues. The ghosts of those who wore the clothes mingle with those of the butchered. It's all really wrong, but in a good way. The obvious fiction of the sculptures rubs up against the reality of death and consumption.

And yes. If you thought that this post's title was a reference to one of the greatest Death/Gore Metal bands of all time you would be correct. If you didn't then you should check out their myspace page.

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Anonymous said...

Damn that is disturbing. I can't imagine many sales for this show. YIKES!