Monday, April 28, 2008

It's Called Survival. Survival. Survival. Survival.

Jill Freedman

In jail they got a game,
And they call it survival.
--Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five

If you're like me, you received a couple excited emails over the weekend with a link to this amazing story in the Times about the photographer Jill Freedman. This is a mean old world, kids. Some people take pictures of it. Some people live it. Some people do both. The way her "style" fell out of fashion is discussed, but the bottom line is that a great eye never goes out. And if it's good enough, people come back to it. The Times article refers to a show in Wlliamsburg that the photographer's friend Ann-Marie Richard put up last year. I poked around a bit and found a link to the show. Here it is. Seriously. Don't miss this article. Don't miss this work. AND don't miss this video on the Times site.

Freedman has a show at Higher Pictures. Go.

Hat tips to . . . Robin and Zoe.

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