Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spin Art.

photo copyright 2008, Cesar Llacuna

I've loved Petroc Dragon Sesti's Fluid Icon since I first saw it in the group show, Blessed Are The Mercyful, at (then) Feigen Contemporary. The great thing about this piece isn't so much what it reflects, as it is what gets pulled through its vortex from the other side. I was thrilled when Chicago's Carrie Secrist Gallery gave me another opportunity to view it at the PULSE at the end of March. I was doubly thrilled when my co-worker and generally cool, sweet and hilarious guy, Cesar Llacuna, sent me his photograph of the piece. The nature of this work makes it easy to capture pretty rockin' images depending on who or what is behind it. But leave it to one of the best set of eyes I know to capture something truly spectacular. Cesar is soooooooo the man.

Be sure to click on the image to be properly knocked out.


Cheeseman said...

Just saw this...Incredible photo! I totally agree with your comments about Cesar. Beautiful shot.

Heart As Arena said...

Yep. Cesar made the salad.