Monday, April 07, 2008

Big. Dumb. Beautiful.

Katharina Fritsch's sculpture at Matthew Marks

My somewhat overheated and spastic response to the 2008 Armory is now up on ArtCal Zine's Special Art Fair Coverage site. I'm on lunch, but I wanted to post this before I returned to the wonderful world of MathType. Also, I want to mention how much ass was kicked by Bosko and the entire crew at ArtCal and The Zine during the art fairs. The coverage went both deep and wide, and it was a blast to read everybody's take on the madness. But for now, I need to find me a square root.

Greg Bogin at Leo Koenig.


dubz said...

they really hung my painting upside down? OMG. thanks for the mention!

Heart As Arena said...

Yeah. It was upside down. If it makes you feel any better it was still in the "back room" at that point. It wasn't out on the main floor. It seriously did rock, Dubz. As always.

dubz said...

nah, it's funny that's all. i'm pretty sure i drew big arrows pointing up on the back and i definitely drew a diagram on the packaging. that's what you get for making abstract paintings :)

Heart As Arena said...

What's really funny was that I saw the gallery person REMEMBER those big arrows. Somebody else had obviously put it in there, and she was, like, EYE ROLL. Checked the back, and set it right. And you're right. It IS kind of a a classic abstract painting moment.

Martin said...

ww had a painting there? i missed it. i guess i was there before it came out.

i had the upside-down experience once... i was in a group show in tokyo and when i went to see it - i don't remember how many days it had been up - BOTH of my large pieces were upside down. and they weren't even what i would call abstract.

i have a picture of me standing in front of them upside-down.

sorry i missed seeing your painting dubz.