Monday, February 02, 2009

The Man. The Heart. The Machine.

David from pbe just sent me this great interview with electronic home wrecker, Uwe Schmidt aka AtomTM aka Atom Heart aka Senor Coconut aka Lisa Carbon et al. It's in support of his new release on visual/sound artist Carsten Nicolai's label, Raster-Noton. Color me a world of psyched. I have about 80 releases by the guy, and he never disappoints. In a single song he pulls off more than most artists do in their entire careers. Even his hard Acid releases I liked and I wasn't a fan of the genre. But the genre never matters for Schmidt. He does what he does when he wants to do it. I just follow. Will it be a record of Tangerine Dreamy excursions, funky glitch abstractions, easy listenings cut-ups, or maybe a collection of filthy porno Chilean rap songs? Who cares. If it's AtomTM, it's all Heart.

As a side note, R-N's been on a roll with the sumptuous packaging lately. Check it.

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