Monday, February 09, 2009

The United Colors Of.

I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to like the Imi Knoebel show at Mary Boone, but I do. At first I was reminded of Jason Adkins' blow-out color pallet sculptures (And yes, I mean "pallet". I'm talking skids.). Pretty quickly though I realized that nothing had anything to do with the other. Knoebel's works are paintings. They're not always flat on a wall, but they're still paintings. Follow the surface. The edges of this show are hard but there are a couple entry points. Mine was the corner of the piece against the back wall. Both the mesmerizing strength of the juxtaposed colors and the shapes created in reflection opened the door. All uphill from there.

The paintings that reminded me of pallets are like a linear take on Howard Hodgkin. But things aren't as perfectly ordered as they first appear. In all the paintings there are edges that peek out, that throw the line off course and you with it. A fine thing, that.

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