Friday, February 27, 2009


image via the Clockarium

Hey, kids. Just wanted to say sorry for the dearthular posting lately. The ol' 9-to-5 has been a little more than that, so the time and the brain have been a little drained. Not to mention how much it cuts into my art-gazing time.

Unrelated. Went to a Creative Council get-together tonight for Creative Time. Dudes. They've some amazing things in the pipeline, including Nato and Jeremy's Excellent Adventure. Which, honestly, putting it like that minimizes the weight of it all, but I couldn't help myself. The Jeremy Deller road trip is a small part of what's around the corner. And trust me, massive goodness is in the offing, including work with one of my FAVORITE artists. Man, I don't often do teasers here, but there ye have it. Like I said. Massive. Good. Trust me.

While we're here, there's a new Creative Time Comics up, this month by Lauren Weinstein, Speaking of which, how great is Lauren Weinstein? Click here and find out.

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