Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I pretty actively loathed a Torben Giehler painting (no pics, sorry) in my work lobby since they put it up a couple years ago. Something started to change though at about the same time the economy tanked in mid-September. I think that I had always seen the painting moving up, like all our false buildings. But once things started to turn down and follow gravity, the painting changed for me. That single painting colored my opinion of everything I saw by Giehler. When this piece broke for me, the thaw began for everything else. Now, with this painting at the Koenig booth at The Armory things've moved into full-on Spring. Certainly the most organic thing I've seen him do. And it's because of the pink and orange, not the brown. Down is so very up.


Peter Cowling said...

Hey Brent,

With music, I sometimes need to play it whilst I am working away, and then actively listen to it, in order to 'get it'.

I think the same thing happens with art sometimes, we pay attention on first viewing, make a decision. We see the art many times. We do not consciously view it, but we become more familiar with it. When it next grabs our attention - change of perspective, mood, someone else wants to discuss it... whatever - we see it in a different light.

So do you think that continual exposure, helped the thaw, or was it solely the insight of a moment?

Heart As Arena said...

Hi there, Peter. I think it was a little bit of everything. The moment that surrounded it, the continual exposure, and also seeing some of his other work in group shows here and there.