Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Kate Gilmore, still from Star Bright, Star Might

Back when I first became acquainted with Kate Gilmore's work I almost immediately thought about how great it would look in Times Square as part of Creative Time's 59th Minute. Well, the 59th Minute series is way gone, but Creative Time has a new series, 44 1/2 up on the big MTV screen. Guess who's going to be on it? Oh, hells yeah. HAA fave Marilyn Minter curated this round of the series and included Gilmore's Star Bright, Star Might, Patty Chang’s Fan Dance, and her own Green Pink Caviar. Sweet Jesus, this is gonna be great. Star Bright, Star Might is the absolutely perfect piece for that screen. Closer to the ground and more invasive than the old 59th Minute screen. The close-up of Gilmore's breaking through will be a fine disturbance in this most numbing of public spaces. Lookin' up.

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