Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Unknown Pleasures.

Speaking of Allison Edge, check out this portrait she's painted of Ian Curtis. Allison and I shared a couple moments of wonder at the LtS dinner the other night when we were talking about our mutual and deep affection for Joy Division and New Order. It's ironic that music so filled with isolation lead to both of us feeling less alone in this world. That the music came in at very different stages in our respective lives speaks to it's universality. That it holds steady to this day proves to it's durability. When I listened to Joy Division and New Order for the first time, it let me know that some of my dark places were shared by others. It reflected back. I love Edge's painting because it captures the shiver and thrill of that recognition.

BONUS TRACK: I can't believe I found this. It's the Rolling Stone review by Mikal Gilmore about the dying gasps of the early PiL, Joy Division records, and the first 12" release by New Order. Hands down, this is THE most important music review I've ever read in my life.

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