Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Yo. If you name your brand spankin' new art blog Another Bouncing Ball, from a Delmore Schwartz poem, you are soooooooooooooo gonna get a shout out here at Heart As Arena. Regina Hackett, writer of the Art To Go blog on the recently-transitioned Seattle PI, has moved to the 204R/204G/153B-er pastures of Arts Journal. A regular reader of Hackett's I'm thrilled that AJ was smart enough to let not even a day pass without a Hackett post making it's way into the world. On, that.

And a hot tip to all you people who like to read out there . . . Go NOW to the nearest bookstore and buy Schwartz's short story collection In Dreams Begin Responsibilities and Other Stories. You haven't really read short stories until you've read "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities". It's one of the top five things I've read in my life. Yes, it's that good. Perfect, actually.

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Shea said...

I'll think about it.
I'm thinking about starting a new art blog documenting a year. I had another name in mind, but I'll keep this one in mind.