Friday, March 20, 2009

Wrap It Up.

OK. So, this is the last weekend of the Free Store, the public art project I've been raving about to everybody within earshot for the last three weeks. They will not be accepting donations this weekend. From now on it'll be a giveaway-only kinda situation. I've said many things about the Free Store, but the one thing I haven't mentioned is how well it works in the context of this section of the Financial District. Moving north from the Exchange after block upon block of lunch places and newstands things break into a wild mix of retail shops. Many of them are constantly discounted jewelry and clothing stores along with the odd lingerie shop and framing studio. The Free Store inhabits an out-of-business cigar store. It always feels like the end of something on this northern edge of the Financial District. It feels like the low end of hope, but hope nonetheless. I'll take it.


Oly said...

That last store's sign is obviously misspelled.

It should read "No Style."

Heart As Arena said...

I thought about that. Great, right?