Wednesday, September 01, 2010

50 Days of Merzbow, Day 10: Solonoise


Midway through Solonoise Pt.2 the Overwhelming Cloud of God Static climbs to the top of the junk heap, and leaps off. It made me think of history again. Not Merzbow's this time though. I can hear the next 25 years of everybody else's history being written here. Kind of like what Rob Zombie says about Black Sabbath in Metal: Headbanger's Journey. "Every great riff has already been written by Sabbath. Everyone else is just stealing." Which is fine. Most art and music is thievery. That's not a bad thing. We're only human. Or we're Merzbow.

The last track is a dramatic pull-back from the second, seeking refuge in the squawky high-end. It was a good choice. We weren't ready for the future.


1. Solonoise Pt.1 // 23:55
2. Solonoise Pt.2 // 23:42
3. Solonoise Pt.3 // 22:21

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