Monday, September 20, 2010

50 Days of Merzbow, Day 29: Collaborative-Merzbow & S.B.O.T.H.I.


OK. Major soft spot here. I have the original vinyl release of this recording on EXTREME. It's pretty much one of my most prized slabs. Things are smudged, refined, and destroyed to the Nth degree here, and all via the goddamn mail. The borders are crossed mightily as Merzbow and S.B.O.T.H.I. (Achim Wollscheid) go to town on each other's sound sources. It's all hacksaws and scalpels, kids. Nothing is sacred in the house of these two sound lords, and it makes for a listening experience that remains fresh over 20 years later. Damn. I dare you to be this good.


1. Joint // 20:51
2. Code-Gerausch-Aggregate // 20:12
3. Jointed // 7:06

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