Tuesday, September 14, 2010

50 Days of Merzbow, Day 23: Mortegage/Batztoutai Extra


I have to say that this is the most Nurse With Wound-ish Merzbow record I've ever heard. Possibly because I was listening to Drunk With The Old Man Of The Mountains last night, but most probably because of the machines-spinning-off-the-tether-of-their-axes motif that Masami returns to again and again throughout. Also, many scatalogical moments, but less in a Coil way and more on a Satanic High School's gym locker room tip. Merzbow is cracking me up and scaring the living shit out of me on this one. Darkness descends, but with an echoing belly laugh.


1. Anus Anvil Anxiety (Long Version) // 14:40
2. Radio 1511 // 24:01
3. Mortegage Inc. Batztoutai // 23:21

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