Wednesday, September 08, 2010

50 Days of Merzbow, Day 17: Agni Hotra


Like I said before, at least the door was open. All the way.

Repetition burrows in and strikes a blow against your empire. It's a puncture wound in slow motion. These are some of the straightest lines Merzbow will ever draw. He can spit, spin, and swivel later. This one is about driving straight through the night. It all ends with a monstrous drone more fully explored in his utterly terrifying collaboration with Christoph Heemann, Sleeper Awakes On The Edge of the Abyss.


1. Agni Hotra // 18:26
2. Asagaya in Rain // 3:51
3. Swamp Metal // 6:29
4. Loops in Flames // 12:30
5. Arbertus Magnus // 7:14
6. Kunyan // 7:52
7. Untitled Waves // 6:45

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