Wednesday, September 15, 2010

50 Days of Merzbow, Day 24: Enclosure/Libido Economy


I don't own too much early Merzbow. Nobody does, really. Unless they have thousands of dollars to blow on ebay. I came to know his work during the period he was releasing a few things on the EXTREME label in the 90s. I missed the ZSF Produkt period. Occasionally, I would hear something in a friend's collection or have some kind of crazy record store luck, but mostly his work from that period simply existed in my mind until I downloaded the Merzbox. Enclosure/Libido Economy IS the music I had been imagining. Tonally ambitious and stylistically diverse, it holds itself together in its service to sound and its dedication to the unpredictable. There are artists who make something this perfect once in their careers. In Merbow's case, he's just geting started.


1. Enclosure // 17:27
2. Scarabe // 5:33
3. Interline No.1-3 // 18:10
4. Itch // 5:39
5. Libido Economy No.1 // 5:39
6. Libido Economy No.2 // 5:32

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