Wednesday, September 22, 2010

50 Days of Merzbow, Day 31: KIR Transformation (w/ Achim Wollscheid)


Relentless white knuckle dragging across the killing floor of your metal heart. (Too much, that? Exactly.) Oddly enough, KIR Transformation reminds me of Skeltonic rhyme. Just grind down the sound until it's exhausted and then move on to the next useful action to form the whole. You'll get there. And so will I.


1. KIR Transformation // 40:40


Anonymous said...

Good work... have been enjoying your Merzbox review series.

On a related note, Merzbow is performing in West Philly on Monday, Sept. 27th. Though he's playing Brooklyn tonight, might be worth a road trip to see him again.

More info here.

Allan Smithee

Heart As Arena said...

Thanks, man. And thanks. Just tweeted the Philly info.