Sunday, September 05, 2010

50 Days of Merzbow, Day 14: Mechanization Takes Command


Junky, funky rhythms get dissolved by industrial strength acid soon enough before morphing into the bad dreams of syphilitic chickens. The "junky funky" part makes me think of David Ellis' trash sculptures. The "syphilitic chickens" make me think of Merzbow's future fear of contracting the Avian Flu. All is erased later when a vicious Martin Rev riddim swoops in to save this diseased day and scrub it down with a rusty Brillo pad. We skip from there to a Kavorkian test tube mineshaft and then to a striated psycho-billy guitar burn-out. Exhilarating and nuts.


1. Electric Pygmy Decollage // 14:12
2. Machanization Takes Command // 11:01
3. Peaches Red Indian // 10:46
4. Sahara // 5:44
5. Iggy // 3:15
6. Suicidal Machine // 14:17
7. Ai-Da-Ho // 10:19

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