Thursday, September 25, 2008

Been Caught Stealing.

The Original Monster says "WTF?????". That's right LA Times. If you can't think for yourselves: steal. Nice.


C-Mon said...

dude, you freaking rock. hard.

hr_g said...

I prefer Monster's

Heart As Arena said...

Ha! I'm on it, Hrag. To really switch things up maybe I'll just call myself The LA Times and be done with it.

Oh, and as a side note, YOUR name won the award for "Most Difficult Into Which I Might Slip The Word 'Monster'" when I was redoing the links.

hr_g said...

The funny things is that I was thinking of adding Monster to my name and couldn't figure out a way either...the best I could come up with is Hrag Monsterian (-ian is the Armenian suffix, we add it to everything and it makes a last name :) )

Oly said...

Well, I posted on my blog on September 9th how Anthropologie "appropriates" artists' work for their visual merchandising on my blog, but since I have get 10 readers a day vs. Carolina's 1,000s, I got nowhere with my post.

Then on Sep. 18th, the Stranger's SLOG blog posted the same thing.

Then Tyler posted on Sep. 23rd about SLOG's great pointing out of what I had already done.

I was the O.G. on how they stole from Phoebe Washburn.

So there.

People steal.

But no one ever posts about my posts cuz I have no readers.
So it's time for me to retire.

PS-- Just to promote myself a bit-- I'm the only one who regularly posts REVIEWS on my blog, as opposed to reposted stuff on other people's blogs.

Sorry, I'm in cranky ass mode right now.
I could run through a crowded room nekkid and I think people would be talking about the clothed in the corner.



David said...

In advertising they say talent borrows, genius steals.
But with all due respect to C-Monster (hey!), and acknowledging that I might be missing something, how is this exactly a bite? I never would have confused the two.
And I've never EVER seen a cute LA Times sticker in BK. NEVER.