Monday, September 08, 2008

(Nothing But) Flowers.

Some people think that Jennifer Steinkamp's work is too pretty (You know who you are, G.), but I'm not too troubled by that. It might be because the first piece I ever saw was in a collector's home and it was intimate and had a touch of death in it. I stopped by the last 5 minutes of the opening her new show at Lehmann Maupin on Sunday night. It's pretty awesome. It's like a visual Merzbow playing major chords. Although I have to say that I agree with her critics to a certain extent. A little more filth would be nice.


dubz said...

for me, the coolest thing on the LES gallery walk yesterday.

joseph Martinez said...


steinkamp is great. i saw her solo at acme (in l.a.) a few months ago and was very impressed.

i also really love the ad for this show in artforum.

JD said...

Yeah, me three. Love the huge wall of squiggling, waving fleurs.

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